Do you want Ahri to shoot erotic cosplay here?  Then we need to collect $ 200.

This will allow us to buy the necessary materials. Make scenery. And free to publish here
I will show everyone who donated for the creation of this erocosplay a sign of the girl holding your nickname =)
We need your support. Part of the money we have already gathered.

We have now collected 200$\200$

We have collected the necessary money for the project.
But you can still get bonuses from donations.
All additionally assessed money will be given to girls model Ahri

You can make donation.Write to me at e-mail (v-a @ list.ru) or one of this ways (https://vk.com/vandych or skype vandych100)

Thank for donating

mr Gedis 45$ and Martin 45$,  To_love -30$
LynetteH 110$


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