My little pony ero cosplay [collect donat]

My little pony ero cosplay

[collect donat]

Thanks for support its projeckt:

Nagaki  – 45$

Team Kaschenka 100$

Liksys  – 30$

Royal sisters

Princess Celestia – continuous one ruler of Equestria for more than a thousand years. White Alicorn (winged unicorn) with pink eyes and magically flowing tail and mane. Celestia is much larger than the other ponies in the show – almost doubled, and a head taller than her sister. The princess duties include managing the movement of the sun, the sky and daylight clear weather, and maintaining harmony in all the corners of her possessions. Despite the absolute power, Celestia does not despotic ruler, she good to his subjects, and loved by them in return. Throughout the series Princess Celestia no one punished, and not even raised her voice (except for the destruction of the rebel King Sombra, from which nothing is left). It seems the relationship of mother with her children – Celestia watching of her subjects and only intervenes in the case of emergencies, she often lets the situation to chance that it could get subjects to an important lesson. Celestia likes jokes, and graciously accepts them, even when she becomes their victim. At the same time, many fans distrustful Celestia, considering it the hypocritical, and the fans the Princess Luna is often expressed open hostility to the older sister, who did not fulfill their duties. SHE ADORES CAKES AND OTHER SWEETS!!!

Princess Luna – the younger sister of the current ruler of the Equestria Princess Celestia. Once they ruled the pony nation together, but the beauty of the night, which she controlled, very few people are interested in – almost all of them were subjects to the day life. Accumulated grievances ultimately led to the transformation of Luna to the Nightmare Moon – terrible (but beautiful in she’s own way) a creature obsessed with the idea of eternal night. After losing the battle with her sister, Nightmare Moon was imprisoned on the moon for a thousand years, her return is in focus of the first two episodes of the MLP:FiM animated series.
With the Elements of Harmony Nightmare Moon was defeated and turned back to the princess Luna. Reunited with her sister, she expressed remorse for her actions, and returned to the duties of the governor, although at first it was hard to adjust to life in a changed world.
The duties of the princess Luna, as goddess of the night, includes the management of the moon and the night sky. Also she’s able to influence the weather, and one of she’s most important features – visit the dreams of mortals, to help them understand what excites them in the day life. Princess Luna are not inclined to easy communication and does not like crowds, so it is believed that she patronizes for singles. Do not be amiss to add that Princess Luna is the patron of all the creatures of the night – from the harmless spiders and bats to vampires and werewolves.


It will be an ero cosplay. Girls will be completely naked, and fotoset will be created with bodypaint and the studio decorations.

You will contribute and get:
2$ – You name in titles in finished photo set.
10$ – photo with model holds your name on her hand or another sign for you choice.
30$ – You will get aphoto with model holds your name on her hand. At the a pose you will choose.
100$ – You will get some high-resolution photos that will have only you. These photos will not be published. Of course, you don’t get full rights for to these photos, but you’ll get unique content. Also you will get video from shooting area.

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