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  1. Max

    Good work. I am very glad that you have shared by them

  2. Ged


    I’d like to say I love your photos!
    I’d also like to know how I could donate for your future projects and if I could use one of your photos and make myself a poster? I’ve asked Helly about her Monara photo shoot and she directed me here 🙂


  3. I saw your work on ViperGirls. I am a perfectionist critic when it comes to photography, so I usually keep my mouth shut. But I actually have some positive things to say about your work. Firstly, unlike most “photographers” out there, you seem to know how to hold the camera. When I was shooting I would never allow a haphazard shot to make it the final display. It seems haphazard has become a style with most people. You don’t do too much dog eye point of view. That is great. Most men I have know prefer petite women. Nearly everyone out there makes the petite women look like amazons. That is great for yearbooks or advertising. Generaly people like images they can relate to, which is why full length body shots are best since if you are looking at a woman, you aren’t just seeing the torso. Close up shots are also good, but I would do a ratio of 50/50 or 60/40 in favor of full body shots at the very least. And I haven’t seen you use any “out of place” props. What you use goes with the overall theme. It drives me insane when a person runs out of ideas so they have the model pick up the nearest object and act like it is the center of the universe. One last thing that you are NOT guilty of. Smiling models. Alot of these photo sets out there look like snapshots taken at a nudist family reunion. Don’t know why people want the models smiling ALL the time. Smiles can be nice, but only for a couple of shots in the set. Thanks for sharing you work and sorry for being so wordy. This post is partly to release alot of pent up frustration that has accumulated over the years.

  4. Travis

    Hi I was wondering what equipment you use cameras/lenses etc?

    I’m thinking to change from Canon to Nikon and wanted to see what some the best artists use to get great image quality.
    I’m just trying to do as much research as possible as this is quite a costly decision.

  5. Admin

    My friend Mike answer for you)

  6. Admin

    I photograph Nikon
    24-70 2.8 Lens
    Frankly, the camera does not matter. Learn to work with light, decor. And then. any digital camera, you can photograph well

  7. phillip

    Hi vandych. I would like to ask what are the names of your girl models?

  8. Admin

    hi, girls name i write in tags

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