Who is Vandych?

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  • New set A guard Stormwind World of Warcraft, can see  in galleries
  • first photo from Exia2 Tera online. VAN_6697
  • And new video
  • JANUARY 2017

    And now it is time to make a choise what cosplay we will do in January. If we saty on the 3rd reached aim we’ll do 3 photoset+video+BTS

    Regular photosets are:
    1) Tera online Exia2 with new magnifisent costume. I want to make you sure, that it will overcome Exia1. Costume example – click this link link2

    2) Girl and a stick. I used to be asked last month to some thig like that.It is not real stake, it is cardboard model combined from 3 parts.3) BTS Exia2 or another ero cosplay photoshot, which I’m going to make.
    4) Video erotic cosplay 2 or more files
    5) All who supported me in January will receive a bonus picture pack, Ahri`s travel to the School and how she meet some Sexy Tentacles there) click this link link2 link3

    6) Photo set#3 on the choise of those of you, who donated 50 and morelink fot vote
    7) Signs ad gif for guys why choose its reward

    Process here https://www.patreon.com/vandych




Erotic cosplay is my soul hobby, not a matter of profit, hence all content on my site is absolutely free. I do this for a long time using my own funds and will continue to do so, but if you like my work, your support will allow me to do new sets sooner and more frequently, helping to acquire paints, costumes and decorations (most of which we do ourselves), and also to thank our models and crew for their work.  Exclusive photos nude cosplay  you ca see here


Who is Vandych?

He is a robot that makes hentai content.
Most of this site’s content is about erotic cosplay.


I hope, that you  appreciate  my joke. =)

In reality Alex Vandych – is a professional nu-art, ero-cosplay photographer. MY works are rather well known and popular,
and often published in various web-resourses.  
All Vandych ero-cosplay is free and shouldn’t be used as a commercial projects without copyright.
If you like to get new photosessions, you can support the project by sharing.
If you are creative person and you want to make a co-project –
write or call me in Skype Vandych100

If you want to take part in creation of photoset, you can come and help us to make the scenary or images.
Also you can donate some $ for future projects. That money will go on material for costumes and decorations. Or will feed our girl-model =)

to ask Vandych a question